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12" Portable Screen Magnifier with Bluetooth Speaker

12" Portable Screen Magnifier with Bluetooth Speaker


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12" Mobile Phone Screen Amplifier with Bluetooth Speaker - Acrylic lens screen magnifier with stereo sound,magnifying your phone screen 2-4 times to avoid visual fatigue.Just put the phone into the screen amplifier, you can easily enjoy the home theater-like effect.

Mobile Phone Screen Amplifier with hands-free function- When you are connected to Bluetooth, your phone turns into a projector via the screen amplifier.

When a call rings, no need to pick up your phone and simply just press the hands-free button to answer. 

Charging method : 

1. Use the USB charging cable to charge directly.


Compatibility- This mobile phone screen enlarger adopt HD zoom optical technology, no battery needed.

Suitable for all smartphones.

Screen size: 12 inches
Screen Size: 215 x 126 x1mm
Product Size: 215 x 186 x 28mm
Material: HD Acrylic lens + ABS shell
Applicable models: General
Charge Time: 2-3H
Sound type: 4 ohm 3 watt with diaphragm sound
Bluetooth version: 3.0

Brand : Onetify

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