Love, share, earn 

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Earn money while doing what you love!

Earn 20% Commission

15 Day Cookies

Special Monthly Incentives

Give 15% - Get 20%

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Give 15% - Get 20%

Every successful sale you make will earn you a commission of 20%, while your followers will receive a discount of 15% on their purchase.

How Famedeals Affiliate Program Works

If you're an affiliate or influencer looking to monetize your content, you'll love our program! Designed specifically for people like you, our program is all about LOVE, SHARE, EARN. You'll have access to a huge selection of products to promote to your followers, and you'll earn a 20% commission on every sale you make. Plus, your followers will get 15% off their purchase, making it a win-win for everyone. With 15 day cookies and FREE TO JOIN, it's easy to get started and start earning today.

Program Details

20% Standard Commission (excluding shipping fee & taxes) for everyone.

Effective May 5th, 2023

Cookies: 15 days - We understand not every shopper will checkout on their 1st visit. Most shoppers will complete their purchase within the first few days. Upon their 1st visit to our site, our program will honor you with the commission if the same visitor returns and completes the order within 15 days.

Minimum payout: $25 USCommission Payout Schedule:

Transactions processed between 1st and last day of the month will be locked on the 25th of the following month considering no refund or dispute payment for the order.

Commission will be paid on or before the last day of the 2nd month following from the sales month.

Example: Transaction in Jan will be paid on or before Feb 28th.

Please note:

*No commission will be paid if the order is fraud, refund or chargeback.

** Affiliates are not allowed to bid on keywords (Famedeals, Onetify, Famedeals Shopping). No commission will be paid and affiliate(s) will be removed from the program.
*** If the order has been disputed by the card center after the 30 days period or at any time, we reserve the right not to pay any commission on that particular transaction. If commission has been paid, we reserve the right to chargeback the commission for any fraud/dispute payment order that has been paid.
If there are any disputes in commission payout, Famedeals reserves the right to have the final decision.Minimal amount for payout is $25 (effective Feb 24th, 2023). If your current month payout is less than $10, it will accumulate to the next month. Once it reaches $25, it will be paid on that month's pay day.

To be eligible for payout: Make sure you enter a valid PayPal email address.

At this moment, we only process payment payout via PayPal.

*Please note that we only count the 1st landing visit as the legit referral affiliate. For example, if a customer clicks through from affiliate A on Jan 1st and visits affiliate B on Jan 2nd, we will only pay affiliate A on the order. If you have questions on this issue, please reach out to our team.

Publishers/affiliates that violate our terms and conditions may be removed from our program without prior notice.

We do not accept publisher websites/social channels that engage, promote or affiliates with the following categories:- Intellectual property or proprietary rights infringement.

- Counterfeit or unauthorized goods.
- Gambling.
- Regulated products and services.
- Adult content and services.
- Get rich quick schemes.
- Drug paraphernalia.
- Illegal activities.
- Spread Hatred / Hatred Discussion.
- Racism.
- Extremism.